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Sleeping baby
 Grunting is a condition usually observed in newborn babies when they are learning to pass stool, but according to Medical News Today, the act which is usually caused by bowel movement, irregular breathing patterns, and dreaming can also mean potential health problems and should not be over looked.

The medical online journal, said snorting in infants could indicate serious health conditions such as trapped mucus, gastroesophageal reflux or irregular breathing, including meningitis which manifest as fever, vomiting, floppiness of the body, skin blotching and unusual cry.

The paper explained that, it is not true that babies are in pain when they begin to show this syndrome, it said, they are rather getting used to passing stool, since the process of passing stool in adult requires the use of stomach muscles to force it out, in infant, the abdomen muscles are not strong enough as a result, they employ the diaphragm muscle, and as they do this, it exert pressure on the voice box making the baby to grunt.

It further outlined some home remedies to help when newborn start to grunting, the remedies according to the paper, depends on the cause,

The following home remedies were recommended to address GER in newborns:
  • feeding the baby little and often
  • feeding the baby more slowly
  • avoiding bottle nipples with large holes, which can cause too fast a flow
  • adding a little oatmeal to thicken milk or formula, but check with a doctor first
  • burping the baby more often

It recommended rubbing of petroleum jelly on their anus if the cause is difficulties in passing stool, but warned that applying this remedy can prevent a baby from learning to pass stool on its own.

It added that, if the snorting is caused by breathing difficulties, a baby monitor should be used to monitor the baby when asleep, or a movement monitors which gives of alarm should be used.

It further added that a nasal aspirator could be of help if mucus is being trapped in the airway READ MORE.

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